Load Monitoring Units

Load Monitoring Units (LMUs)

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Magtrol's Load Monitoring Units are used for measuring load, force and weight from signals generated by strain gauge transducers. Specifically designed for use with Magtrol's Load Measuring Pins and Load-Force-Weight Sensors, the LMU Series provides excitation voltage while conditioning the bridge output signal. Each unit contains DIP-switches and jumpers for greater flexibility and complete adaptability. User-defined alarm limits can be programmed into the unit, which when combined with our sensors, provides a safe and rugged measurement system that continuously monitors for short-circuits and interrupted signal lines. Magtrol LMUs are specially designed for use in harsh environments and are suitable for crane security systems.
Model Comparison
  LMU 209 LMU 212 LMU 217 LMU 216
  LMU 209 LMU 212 LMU 217 LMY 216
Transducer Inputs 1 1 2 1
Voltage Output 1 × 0–10 V 1 × 0–10 V 2 × 0–10 V 3 × 0–10 V
Current Output 1 × 0/4–20 mA 1 × 0–20 mA or 4–20 mA 2 × 0–20 mA or 4–20 mA 1 × 0–20 mA or 4–20 mA
Relays 0 2 4 4
Summation 0 2 3 4
Power Supply 18...28 VDC /
70 mA
115–230 VAC (50–60 Hz)
20–32 VDC
48 VAC
115–230 VAC (50–60 Hz)
20–32 VDC
48 VAC
115–230 VAC (50–60 Hz)
20–32 VDC
48 VAC
Housing PC-F, UL 94V-0
Aluminum (option)
Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Protection Class IP52 or
IP65 (option)
IP65 IP65 IP65
LMU 110
Magtrol’s LMU 110 Load Monitoring Unit is a 4-channel bridge amplifier with 4–20 mA DC current output. With 4 independent inputs and outputs, the LMU 110's sensitivity and offset are adjusted at the factory according to the transducer type and its application.
Supporting Electronics
Large Remote Displays
If a large display is required a GAD Series Remote Display (with heights ranging from 57 to 400 mm) can be used in combination with any Magtrol LMU unit.
Junction Boxes
Up to 4 LB Load Measuring Pins (full-bridge strain gauges) can be connected in parallel to the LMU Load Monitoring Unit, using a JB 113 (2 load pins in parallel) or JB 114 (4 load pins in parallel) junction box.
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