Resistance Measurement
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Resistance Measurement Technology

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Magtrol-Burster offers a comprehensive line of micro-ohmmeters, from simple units which provide rapid measurements in the field, to laboratory instruments that provide automatic inspection with a high degree of measuring accuracy. The product line has measuring ranges from 200 µOhm; to 200 kOhm, with resolutions up to 1 nOhm, and all units can use temperature compensation to generate the most accurate readings. These testing instruments are designed for the highest demands in industry and use the proven 4-wire measurement method designed by Kelvin to cancel any lead resistance errors inherent in less sophisticated 2-wire systems. Typical applications include measurements on: Coil, Motor, and Transformer windings, as well as contact resistance on Switches, Relays, and Push-button contacts with low measuring current. In conjunction with a digital ohmmeter, Magtol-Burster offers clamping devices for monitoring the production and quality assurance of wires, rails, cables and sector conductors.
Precision Ohmmeters Wire and Cable Test Equipment
  • Model 2329 - For Fast Resistance Measurement in Automated Processes
  • Model 2304 - Testing Instruments for the Highest Demands
  • Model 2316 - Portable Milli-Ohmmeter for Use in the Field
  • Model 2323 - Portable Micro-Ohmmeter in an ABS plastic case
  • Model 2383 - Clamping Device for Aluminum and Copper Wire
  • Model 2381 - Clamping Device for manual Quality Control Testing
  • Model 2381-V001 - Clamping Device for Manual Quality Control Testing
  • Model 2382L - High-Precision Clamping Unit
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