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Precision Ohmmeters

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For Fast Precision Measurement in Automated Processes
  • Resolution of 10 µOhm
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.03% of reading
  • Automatic measurement ranges from 200 mOhm to 200 kOhm
  • RS-232 and PLC standard
  • IEEE-488 option
  • Analog output 0 to 10 V
  • Automatic temperature compensation for increased accuracy
  • Dry-circuit measurement (20 mV limit)
  • Various comparators for selecting test units, data logger for up to 20,000 measurements - minimum, maximum, average value and standard deviation
Model 2329
The Resistomat Model 2329 is particularly suitable for quick measurements of low resistances in automated processes. Fifty measurements per second can easily be performed.

The PLC interface allows the easy addition of external lights and buzzers to make the unit suitable for production settings.
2329 drawing
2329 application
Test of Airbag Triggers
Airbag triggers are tested by a Resistomat Model 2329-v801 in a test stand. The measurement conditions, such as measuring current < 10 mA and load voltage < 2 V, which are an absolute must, are guaranteed with Model 2329-v801. The triggering of the t est unit and the control of the production line are performed by a PLC. The information "okay" or "not okay" about the test sample is provided by the Resistomat Model 2329-v801.

The PC is used for the parametric setting of the test unit, such as measurement range and the limit values, as well as for the registration and statistical evaluation of the measuring data.

Testing Instruments for the Highest Demands
  • Automatic choice of measuring ranges from 200 µOhm to 20 kOhm
  • Resolution up to 1 nOhm
  • Serial interfaces (IEEE-488, RS-232, RS-485), tolerance checking, classification with statistics
  • Measuring error < 0.01%, trendsetting measurement with thermal e.m.f. compensation
  • Current regulation results in voltage-free disconnection
  • measures current up to 1 A or 10 A
  • Setting of measurement current, entry for absolute or relative limits, bar display for calibration of measuring probes, determination of resistivity and many other functions.
Model 2304

Portable Ohmmeters for Use in the Field

With their robust and sturdy housings, these mobile instruments are designed for use in the field, in servicing or in the testing department. These portable, rechargable, battery powered units have dozens of applications in design, test, maintenance, QC/QA and production. Typical applications include the measurement of:

  • Engine and transformers windings
  • Cable drums
  • Surface contact connection (e.g. aircraft)
  • Heating elements
2316 Model 2316 Milli-Ohmmeter
  • Measuring ranges from 2 mΩ to 200 kΩ
  • Resolution up to 0.1 µΩ
  • Accuracy 0.03 % Rdg.
  • Autorange
  • Temperature compensation for all materials
  • Thermal e.m.f. compensation
  • Input voltage protection up to 400 Veff
  • RS232 and PLC interface standard (USB option)
2323 Model 2323 Micro-Ohmmeter
  • 6 ranges from 600 µOhm up to 60 Ohm
  • High resolution of up to 0.1 mOhm
  • Measuring current up to 10 A.
  • RS-232 data output
  • Rugged design in an ABS plastic case
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